Full Schedule

Thursday, May 28th, 2020(all times are CST)

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8:00 am Mama Gina Lamonte Morning Fram Drum Meditation

9:00 am Tish Owen Spell It Out

9:00 am Ed Hubbard Keeping the Keys: How Gatekeeping Works Today.

10:00 am Alfred & Tish Welcome to the New World-Welcome and Remarks by the Organizers.

11:00 am Alfred, Willo’ & Rowan-Wite Rayvn Opening Ritual

11:30 am Oberon Zell History’s Mysteries

11:30 Kiki Dombrowski Tarot for Beginners

1:15 pm Alicia Middlebrook Empaths Survival Guide

1:15 pm Jason Manky Crafting the Best Rituals of Your Life.

3:00 pm Christopher Penczak The Witch Tree

3:00 pm Don Lewis Magic in your Daily Life

4:45 pm Belladonna & Dusty How to use Ritual Tools

4:45 pm Jennifer Medway The Foundations of Sanse: Puerto Rican Vodou

6:15 pm Belladonna & Dusty Ritual

7:30 pm Krista Chapman Green Concert

9:00 pm Mama Gina Concert

10:30 pm Drumming

Friday, May 29th, 2020

8:00 am Franklin Gattis Morning Meditation

9:00 am Samantha Mowrey Banishings and Curses for the White Witch

9:00 am Byron Ballard Animism as a Political and Economic Force

10:45 am Phoenix Silverstar Chakra Balancing, Part 1

10:45 am Ed Hubbard How to Grow Earthworms for Fun and Profit

12:30 pm Angela Kaufman Connecting with the Elements

12:30 pm Christopher Penczak Fairies, Elementals and Nature Spirits

2:15 pm Oberon Zell Vision 20202:15 pm Willo’ Wellspring Dark Mother Herbs and how to use them.

4:00 pm MaMa Gina Lamonte The Stories We Tell Ourselves, Part 1

4:00 pm Belladonna & Dusty How Witches Heal

5:45 pm Franklin Gattis Energy Dynamics

5:45 pm Kiki Dombrowski Tarot for Advanced Students

7:30 pm Greg Strong- Raven Moon Hearth Ritual

8:30 pm Katty Whomp Us Concert

10:00 pm Lou Garou Concert

11:30 pm Drumming Circle

Saturday, May 30th, 2020

8:00 am Mama Gina Lamonte Morning Frame Drum Meditation

9:00 am Phoenix Silverstar Chakra Balancing, Part 2.

9:00 am Angela Kaufman Saturn in Aquarius

10:45 am Byron Ballard A Great and Subtle Weaving

10:45 am Alfred Willowhawk I am in Control

12:30 pm Janet Farrar & Gavin Bone The Magical Cabinet of Herne’s Cottage

12:30 pm M.R. Sellars Rowan Gant Q &A

2:15 pm Don Lewis Now We Change the World

2:15 pm Willo’ Wellspring Dark Mother Herbs and how to use them.

2:15 pm Mat Auryn Magick for All; Witchcraft from Nothing.

3:45 pm Jennifer Medway Ancestors

3:45 pm Judika Illes Solitary Spells

5:45 pm Amy Blackthorn Mythos and Eros

5:45 pm Suzie Kerr Wright Mediumship Gallery

7:30 pm Christopher Penczak The Pact of Heaven & Earth(Ritual)

8:30 pm Tuatha Dea Concert

10:00 pm Brian Henke Concert

Sunday, May 31, 2020

9:00 am Franklin Gattis Morning Meditation

9:00 am Samantha Mowry Runes and Bind Stones

10:45 am Alfred Willowhawk Myths Old and New

10:45 am Mama Gina Lamonte Stories we tell ourselves, Part 2.

12:30 pm Selena Fox Cauldron Magic

12:30 pm Gavin Bone The English Runes: The Anglo Saxon Runes

2:15 pm Amy Blackthorn Justice-craft of the Wise

2:15 pm Rowan Faefire The Vibration, resonating with the Chakras

3:45 pm Jason Manky Draw Down the Moon

3:45 pm Belladonna & Dusty Pagan Leadership & the Great Work

5:30 pm Presenters Cocktail Hours

5:30 pm Eric Olsen Drumming Workshop

7:30 pm Wendy Rule Concert

8:05 pm Closing Ritual

8:40 pm Drumming on Zoom and FB Live.